Sunday, September 23, 2012

so lovely.

Charlottesville has been quite kind to us.
With its round mountains and forever flowing fields we can't help but to jump in the car and follow the sun.
We've come across the most wonderful small towns with all the charm and beauty you'd expect them to have. I've started both my job as a florist and my studies as an herbalist since I've last written and it truly couldn't be going better.

Last week I spent a day getting to know the Elderflowers, eventually making them into a delicious syrup used throughout the fall to ward off the illnesses winter brings. And in the shop I made my first bouquet. A day surrounded by roses and fennel, sunflowers and lemon leaf. It was incredible.

Yesterday we got on the road to a nearby historic village. Much to our surprise it happened to be on the day of a great festival. With drinks from all over the world and the most friendly of people. We talked to a man for a full hour, just on the subject of Irish fairies and selkies.

I am truly loving it here. As the days go by my heart gets fuller and fuller.
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