Monday, March 16, 2015


How wonderful March has been! It started off with a quick blanket of snow and thawed into sunlight and daffodil covered streets. The weather has been spectacular and today has even been too warm for the dear rabbit.

Callie and I sunbathed in the veronica beds and we watered soil around the tulips and hyacinths. It was so beautiful to examine them, the hard green petals nestled deep in the ground just waiting to turn color and bloom.

A few weeks ago, when it was icy and the wind turned your nose positively red, I happened upon an absolute dream of a painting for a whopping $30. The frame is so old and beautifully crafted from Holland and I can just imagine a beautiful lady painting away at these flowers. It must have brought me luck because soon after the sun began to shine. Today we hung it up in our home and I must say she is fitting in quite nicely. Cordelia is happy to have flowers to look at and so are we.

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