Monday, February 8, 2016

Snow at Tinkerrigge

What a lovely snow filled week it has been here in New England. So much painting has been done while curled up in the house! The power was out for a few days and it was so lovely to be back in sync with the sun. Usually finding myself up quite late into the night painting away, it was quite the challenge to try and get things finished before sunset (5:00 pm my time). So much time was spent by the fireplace finishing up some final touches next to my rabbit and the cat curled up in my lap. When the big snow came it was the wonderful, glorious, sticky kind. It stuck to the trees like cotton candy. All was wonderful until nature decided to prune the trees of the village. I had a moment in the early morning while standing out in the yard and all I could hear was the cracking of falling trees all around me. Huge limbs split and fell from up high. We were safe in the cottage, but a tree fell in our little road wrapped in live wire, delaying my trip to the post office for deliveries.
 Oh how I love the snow!!! It has been such a dream to see it there out my little bedroom window just waiting to be played in. We are to get 5 more inches today and I just can't wait!!! It's been a dream of mine to build a Victorian snow lady. So here's hoping the snow we get today will be splendidly sticky as well!!

Befores, durings, and afters.

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