Saturday, June 11, 2016

Thistlequick Wild Rose Petal Jam Recipe

Dear Reader,

'Tis been a while, hasn't it?
The summer has come and it is full in it's beauty and warmth. The path to frog pond is absolutely covered in wild rose blooms. On a rainy walk to the lily pads, the heat and moisture was so heavy, it brought all the scent from those lovely rosebuds out drifting into the air. I have never smelled such a sweet scent in all my days. It was as if Ms. Jo Malone herself drifted her perfumed spirit this way and sprayed her rose scent all down the woody lane.
Well, I just had to do something with these roses. And so a few days later when the sun had dried up the dew, I and my colander went out to harvest as much wild roses as we felt suitable.
I wasn't sure what I'd prepare... perhaps a facial cream.. perhaps a flower essence... ah but the full moon was so far away.. I perused my pantry to see what I had and decided on a wild rose petal jam. It takes so little.. and always with a most lovely result. My husband has settled quite sturdily into a breakfast habit of toast and jam. It is toast and jam every day! I thought, how lovely it would be to make a little gift for him and so the making of the jam began.

I could say that I made this recipe as I went along... or I could say that my two rabbits, The Thistlequicks whispered it into my ear.. And so this recipe is dedicated in their rabbity honor.

Thistlequick Wild Rose Petal Jam

2 cups washed wild rose petals
2 cups sugar
2 cups water
5 tablespoons pectin
1 teaspoon lemon

1 boiled and sanitized mason jar and lid
(this recipe makes approximately 10 ounces of jam, so can accordingly as you see fit! with small jars for friendly gifts, or a large one all to yourself!)
1 boiled and sanitized spoon for ladeling

best plucked right in the morning, go out and collect your wild rose petals.
Once back in your kitchen, wash your petals and place them in a bowl to be covered. 
Take your first cup of sugar, and sprinkle it about the roses, mixing and coating them. 
Cover your sugary petals and place them in your fridge to sleep overnight.
In the morning, you will surely have a most delightful smell to wake you!

Take your 2 cups of water and bring it to a boil. 
Add your sugary petals and let it boil and steep for just a few minutes.
In a separate bowl mix together the remaining cup of sugar, and your 5 tablespoons of pectin.
Add them to the boiling mixture slowly and stir.
Let it boil until the mixture begins to get nicely.
Get your sanitized jar and spoon ready!
And pour your lovely concoction into the jar. It is at this point where you can seal your jars if you'd like. I didn't for I knew that this delight would be gone in a flash! But you might want to if you've made small batches for friends.

And that's that!

I do hope that you will enjoy!

To add a bit of kitchen witchery. While stirring your boiling mixture.. picture a most lovely and overgrown rose garden.. picture your most beautiful summer day... invoke love... invoke beauty.. invoke peace..
As it cools.. surround it with beautiful objects and candles.. give thanks for your garden.. for the earth for providing such beauty for you to cook from.

When you eat your jam.. be it a dollop for your yogurt... spread over buttery toast... or made into thumbprint cookies.. I hope that it brings you that beauty and fills your day with magic and tranquility.

Thank you!

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