Wednesday, November 18, 2015


How quickly the leaves have faded!!! I couldn't help but to get out my camera on this spooky day. The pumpkins are ready to go to the soil, but I am trying to keep Halloween around for as long as I can!

 I have been keeping quite busy in the cottage, what with Saorise causing mass chaos and the bunny and hard at work on paintings. I have started to take in Little Lady portrait requests each week and my weeks have been full of swirling dresses, pups, and little kittens to draw. I have made a big change in the way I do things and it has really made me even more passionate about my work. I've started to really get into making my own stains from plants around the cottage and have upgraded to a much sturdier paper which I enjoy tearing myself for each piece's correct size. And inspired by the old ways of packaging I have upped it up to ribbons and wax seals and vintage photographs to go out with them. I am so happy with the results! This week will be spent with family, but it will be so strange to be away from my solidarity and craft. I suppose that I will not be able to keep away from the little illustrations and will be doodling away with any chance I get. I hope to be getting prints made soon of some more recent works!

Summer at Tinkerrigge

Hello to you! I know that the weather is no where near green and bright, but I have good news! I have found my camera cord and so all of the lovely July photographs that have been stored away are finally up! I do hope that you will enjoy them and that these summer photos will help to warm you up! It is amazing how quickly things go.

I hope these summer views have brought some inspiration to you and I hope you are doing well wherever you are!

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