Monday, December 29, 2014


Around the house there are many dried flowers. Some are taped to walls, some hang across the fireplace, and some are framed. Bringing the outside in is important to me, and I love seeing their dried buds on these white walls.

I have planted so many flowers this autumn and I can’t wait to watch them bloom this spring!! For sure they will fill my walls. If I have a daughter, instead of wall paper, I will press dozens and dozens of flowers for her and fill the walls with blooms.

Friday, December 5, 2014


The December winds have drifted in and the house has become quiet and cozy. The garden is long gone, but I was able to harvest a few more vegetables to use for dying purposes. So I peeled the onion skins and soaked the purple cabbage and dyed some beautiful long white netting I had. Although the cabbage had no effect, the onion skins came out beautifully. A nice delicate peach.

I have decided also, to fulfill a longtime dream of studying and creating illuminations. 
I have always been so mesmerized by this old celtic technique and I am so thrilled with beginning some of my own. Here you can see the beginning stages, 
In celebration of the Druidic Yule coming up, this piece depicts the birthing of the sun from the darkest days we are now experiencing. The oak and holly king face her and she is adorned with mistletoe and holly. I am going to be adding a bit of art deco techniques as well with harsh cuts of black and gold in the background. I have really enjoyed working with gold leaf. 

Thank you for stopping by!

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