Tuesday, August 7, 2012

so here we are...

Charlottesville, Virginia.

I sit in my new home of 3 days. Boxes everywhere, only a few things unpacked. The floors have been taped down with brown paper and little dots of red and green paint have splatted on it here and there. The cat is enjoying the crackling of the paper beneath her paws as she takes the long walk from her bed to the bowl of cool clean water that awaits her.
We are a family of 3. My husband, myself, and the Cat. And we've all arrived in Charlottesville for some very good reasons.
He, to study the beauty of the written word, of coffee shops, and old bookstores, of theater, and of croissants.
I, for the study of plants and herbs, of ballet, and wet paint, of trips to the farmers markets, and antique shops, of lace, and most of all, flowers.
and the Cat.. for the study of naps, of figuring out which window gives just the right amount of light, of squirrel watching, and late night adventures while the whole town is asleep.

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