Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Signs of Spring

 A lovely 66 degree spring day! It's always so pleasant, those first days of spring, going outside without a coat. A new little freedom it seems to give. Nothing is bursting with blooms yet, but the energy in the air is electric!! You can just feel the vibrations of every plant getting ready to burst with green and blooms.
 Oliver Winterbottom is feeling a bit cooped up lately. He so loves to run around on days like this, but due to hawk attacks to the hens ( we lost another this week ) I wanted to keep him safe inside. He loves to munch on violets and clovers, so when they start to bloom I will be sure to bring in a goody basket for him! Since the chickens have been kept in their run the past couple of days, it's given the crocuses some time to thrive! The whole ground would have been covered in them if it wasn't for the hens hungry beaks! So happy to have this little bundle with us!

 The lone daffodil! Under the shadiest tree on our land, but the first to bloom!

"Feeling Sheepish" - Guinevere von Sneeden

It's been a busy time for me in my new studio. I was out sick at least 4 days last week and have a lot of catching up to do with my little ladies! I really like to give them my ALL, so yesterday I made a few illustrations of my own to help me get back into the groove of things. I have been so inspired by the wonderful Edwardian dresses I'm seeing from various museums around the world online. And I'm Certain many of this weeks ladies with be dawning some of these frocks!

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  1. It was rainy and gloomy today here in my hometown. This normally does not bother me, yet I so long for the warmth of spring. Your images and stories have given me a bit of that comfort and happiness. Thank you, and I hope it is safe to let your sweet bunny out soon so he can enjoy it too!

  2. so happy to have discovered your blog and lovely, enchanting little stone cottage... love your photographs and the aura of mystery that takes me back to a past era... oh and you're beautiful. You have that same aura of mystery in you, as all your lovely surroundings...


  3. May 27

    I do so hope, that you will begin again, to post here.

    Please... Please... Please....

    I love your IG.

    But more here, would be quite wonderful. Even if only now and then.

    I understand, that losing Oliver, caused you to lose interest here. But you now have 2 lovely rescued bunnies... In honor of him.

    So.... Perhaps.... You will be able to find the time, to pop in here, once in a while...

    Gentle hugs,
    My Instagram


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