Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 29th, 2017

Well, it's happened again! Amongst cottage mess and moving things around I had my camera tucked away for quite some time. Dusted it off this month and was able to take some more photographs. This year has flown by... I can't believe it was November last I wrote when it feels like mere weeks ago. Amidst a snow storm this winter we found out we were expecting with a much longed for and much treasured little girl.. The first trimester wiped me out with sickness and feathers that felt like lifting oak trees... within a blink of an eye it seemed to be May and its been smooth sailing ever since. However I did seem to get much behind on work.

We planted our garden.. we watched flowers grow.. we take many a trip to the local farmers market.. we stay up laughing playing games and eating cheese and watching archeological digs. Things have been so slow.. so calm.. and so happy. I feel as if I'm in the prime of my life. Pregnant I feel the most beautiful I've ever felt.. the most healthy.. the most balanced.. the most joyful. I warn Brian to be prepared because I feel I could do this 15 times over. I so can't wait to meet her.. Her nursery is ready.. her clothes are folded.. her shelves filled with fresh weekly flowers from the pond.. Just a little while now.. When the leaves are golden and the air smells of pumpkins and the squirrels are gathering their last acorns.. she'll be in our arms and our hearts couldn't be more happy and excited.

A few months ago I planted this pumpkin patch for her in hopes to have the house filled with bright orange lanterns upon her arrival ( just around Halloween!)

The nasturtiums and cleomes are THRIVING! The Hollyhocks ( my favorite) lasted al but two weeks and didn't care for our cottage soil and wisteria shaded sun not one bit! Next year it will be simply just cleomes and roses for the front. A great big splash of them. Although it was nice to fiddle around and see what works best for this ground. Luckily I'm in a never ending supply of rabbit poop fertilizer!! And the pumpkins and the roses LOVE it so.

Frog Pond of course is looking lovely as always. I so prefer and a grey summer day... A green autumn I call it. And the reflection in the pond was such a cool dusty lavender. A perfect day indeed.


  1. Your photography is beautiful...made me feel peaceful too! Congratulations on your baby girl who is coming...
    Enjoy every moment....

  2. "Things have been so slow... so calm... so happy." What a wonderful life style, your words evoke. -happy sigh-

    Don't we all wish, we could adopt it?


    And what a perfect way, to "make" a beautiful baby... Oh yes... Oh yes....

    Happy Lughnasa!!!
    Luna Crone


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