Sunday, January 4, 2015

It was a lovely rainy weekend day filled with my two favorite stops. First stop, a trip to our beloved Heiwa Shokudo. Brian never fails to get his sushi box and I mix it up from time to time with their wonderful hot pots. Heiwa’s Ramen was just what I needed on this grey day. The restaurant is quiet and filled with familiar faces. 

Next door is my favorite flower shop in town, Shady Grove. Almost all of my house plants hail from this store. I never fail to walk in and fall head over heals for a new friend. 

The charming little shop has been here as long as I have and is always filled with friendly people and a wonderful display of bonsais, terrariums, dried flowers, and a large variety of other house plants. 

Today a white african violet and a silver begonia were singing their song and I couldn’t help but to take them with me. All tucked in tissue paper we headed out for an afternoon of bookstores and antique malls and then safely back home to find their perfect window sill.

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