Thursday, October 15, 2015

A splendid day in the Quiet Corner

What a wonderful day it was!! The hens at Tinkerrigge were so active and friendly. It was a pleasure to draw them as they checked out my notebook and pecked at the grass around the home. Many woodchucks must love the ground beneath us and the little resting spot I found was as soft as a pillow. We took off for to Woodstock today to our favorite little antique shop in the Scranton Antique Corner and grabbed some tea and sandwiches at Mrs. Bridges Pantry. I highly reccomend it!!!  The Baroness Tea, the soup, and the Salmon Salad Cucumber tea sandwiches were so delightful!!  I found another old broom which I seem to be collecting now-a-days and a beautiful art deco candle stick for the cottage. The park nearby was splendid and we spent the rest of the evening getting lost on winding farm roads. The lighting was perfect and I pinched myself multiple times just to make sure that yes, this really is where I live. I don't think I ever want to leave!

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