Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hello again!

I am sorry I have not written! I have moved away from my home in the mountains, followed up the Appalachians, and landed in a little cottage in a small town in Connecticut. During the move I managed to lose my camera cord and although I have been meaning to write, I didn’t want to put up a post without some good photos to go along with it. I will have to just post them another time! So for now I hope that just some iPhone photos will do!

The cottage we’ve moved into is just completely out of my dreams. I couldn’t think of a better space! 16 chickens live on the property and we are soon to get goats! The main house was built in 1694 and was built before the city was even erected. It is so quite and lovely. The leaves are starting to turn now and walking down the dappled roads, it looks like something straight from a New England post card. There is a large pond just down the path and it is filled to the brim with lily pads. In the summer there are so many frogs you can hear them from the cottage.

The whole house is encased in beautiful stone! With chunks of garnite, geodes, and glass. When the light hits them the glitter so beautifully! Apparently in the mid 1800’s a woman went stone crazy and masoned the entire home! My favorite part, aside from the fireplace, is the outside chimney. If you look closely you can see where her beautiful messy stone work comes to a stop.. apparently her husband said she was up too high on the ladder and hired professional mason’s to do the rest! So at the top of the chimney you can see the break from messy into perfect masonry. It always gives me a little laugh. From time to time Oliver, my rabbit, will dig and dig at the stones only to reaveal very old newspapers from the 20’s to the 70’s. We even found a clipping of the Black Dahila case stuffed into a cranny of the stones!

The upstairs is so creaky and you can see through the floor boards to the bottom. This caused for a very funny evening when I dropped my glass of water and it soaked the chair in the living room!

Oliver is doing well, and we have added a new family member! I little kitten named Saoirse. She is so fearless, and so full of energy. Even when I turn on the vacuum she stands her ground quite well.

I’ve been busy working away at my table and have really got into my new medium of wool. I have truly fallen in love with it. The first time I held wool to needle, it was love at first sight!

Anyways, if you have any questions about the cottage or about living in New England please feel free to ask!


  1. I love everything about this *______*

  2. I adore your new cozy sweet cottage! I Follow you on IG but never came to your blog until my wonderful friend sent this post to me to read. She is now following you on IG and I am now reading your blog. ❤️ I adore the pic of Oliver and Saoirse!

    1. Oh how wonderful!!! Thank you so much for reading and for following on Instagram! I feel so lucky to live here! It really is an absolute dream!!! I am so glad that Oliver and Saoirse get along!!

  3. Your cottage is beautiful! So green and lovely :) Wishing I lived in New England!

  4. Absolutely love everything that you have shown. It would be
    my lifestyle as well. Thank you


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