Thursday, November 3, 2016

November 3rd

November has come, but Hallowtide celebrations are still happening here.  Feasts, with a hard days work in between. Watching the jack-o-lanterns cave, watching the weather go from a snowy winter to spikes of hot humid days filled with bright red trees. I've been illustrating a lot of my days here around the cottage and hope to keep up this series! 

The forest is filled with berries and the way the trees look with the falling sun looked so beautiful by our stream that I had to go out and take some photographs! Also, my grandmother sent this jacket to me in the mail and requested that I send her some photographs. I love its soft velvet and the way it looks like it could have been made years and years ago. She's always sending me the nicest little packages and I am so incredibly grateful! A wonderful woman that deserves much celebration!!! 

 The meadow by our house and just next to frog pond always takes my breath away. Just through the trees is a path down to another stream where I collect golden rod and joe pye weed by the bushels!!!!

Frog pond from up on the hill. 

I so love this spot.... It feels so old to me, and in the summer I love to lay under this tree and cool off from collecting herbs by the pond. I got a grand sunburn this June from spending hours and hours just near here collecting as many wild rose blooms as I could!

Our November home. This little place holds everything that I hold most dear. A house of rabbits, indeed. I think sometimes if you squint just right you can see giant rabbit ears sprouting from the top.

I didn't take photos quick enough for you to see them freshly carved! But here they are, slightly saggy, this years pumpkins.

 And of course Lady Saoirse our pride and joy.

I hope you all had a pleasant halloween and are enjoying your early November!!!

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  1. November onward, is harder for me to relax into. Not a summer person either. Autumn is wonderful.

    So since I want to feel at home, in every Season, I am thinking of the really wonderful reasons, to welcome and embrace November, and the coming Winter. I want to do this, before the rainy coolness of November, set in, and dampens my spirit. -sigh-

    Yes, Samhain was lovely, and I used that time, to set a particular goal.

    Early November blessings,
    Luna Crone


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