Friday, November 4, 2016

November 4th

Took off on a solo adventure to one of my favorite places in the Quiet Corner. It's always such a great escape and delight to get tucked away into the the most comfortable corner of Ms. Bridge's Pantry. I'm always sure to bring a favorite book and order my usual order with their wonderful celtic music playing, their yellow wallpapered walls, and the cozy decor. It's a true pleasure each time I go.  And as a bonus it is tucked away into the woods next to two of my favorite antique shops.

 Their tea room is always warm and cozy. The fireplace is lit, the leaves outside are bustling. Their store front here is filled with UK treasures from clotted cream to teas, candy, and biscuits.

I almost always order a pot of their Welsh Brew.

And their salmon cucumber sandwich.

I find that almost every time I come Lord of the Rings music starts playing in this little barn, so I always bring my trusty warn out copy of the book and skim through my favorite parts.

Their warm rice pudding with strawberry jam is always such a treat and warms the soul!!!

Next door is the wonderful shop, the Primitive Crow. The woman who curates this lovely place does such an amazing job and it is always filled with the most wonderful New England treasures.

Scranton Antique Shop lays just in front and has hoards of amazing finds!!! 

Just down the street is the amazing Roseland Cottage!!! I actually have not visited this place yet as I was saving it for a special occasion, however I got lost on my way to the nearby park and wound up right in front of it as I pulled over to see where exactly I was. Such a beauty and I cannot wait till the end of next spring when all the local folks get together dawning white clothes and play croquet out in the yard!

 I wound up staying here and watching the sun go down. The stars were beautiful tonight and that little sliver of moon stole my heart away.

It was a lovely drive home and I was lucky enough to follow the moon most of the way. Coming home to this sweet girl of mine is always a treat. Now that my heart and mind are filled with such inspiration of this lovely day its off to draw up a little something in my little room. Wishing you all a pleasant weekend!!!!!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh happy sigh....

    I love, love, love such a warm and old fashioned looking place. -sighhhh- It is perfect. "Ms. Bridge's Pantry" Even the name, is perfection.

    And everything around it! Oh that home, Roseland Cottage!!! Oh sigh... :-)

    Thank you so much for taking us along with you, on your lovely, lovely day out.

    November blessings,
    Luna Crone

  2. Ahh, it looks amazingly cozy! It makes me lust for the UK again, sigh.

    Thank you for taking us along with you. ^^

  3. This post warms my heart. It is so gratifying to know people can live a life like yours in today's world. Magical!

  4. Even though I live in an ancient village in England it is hard to find charming shops such as you share in this post. It's been decades since I came your way and I do long to return soon. Roseland Cottage ~ gasp! How magical. What a gingerbread cottage.


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