Saturday, February 7, 2015

Imbolc Bunny

Spring is surely on her way! I brought home some tulips and wax flowers today and Ollie was very interested in them. Wax flower was always my favorite filler flower to work with at the flower shop and I never seize to pick some up when I see them out in the shops.

It is 61 degrees Fahrenheit here and everyone is quite happy about it! The house is singing blossom filled songs and the window are open and cleaning out the air. Mourning doves are laying together in the sunlight outside and Ollie cuddled along side the fence to join them. Always a bunny on the move, he even stopped to smell the flowers today.

After our outdoor adventure I came in to cook and walked in to find these two lounging in the last bit of sun for the day.

These two are such a blessing, growing up in a big family I love to have something always going about the house and with these to mischievous animals there almost always is. In the above photograph is my wedding dress hanging from the wall. My mother and father found it for me on Ebay while out to lunch and they couldn't have done better!! It's a 50's dream and knowing that I would most likely be the last to wear her I lived her up that night. We danced and danced and the bottom lace is all torn and purple from wine stains. This might sound horrible to someone else, but every time I see those purple rims my heart fills up with the thought of our most magical night. 

Dandelion wisps are embroidered in silver thread at the bottom and lace flowers line the top. After writing this I am now most certainly inspired to write up a blog post just for the dress.

I hope you all are enjoying your day, wherever you are!


Jag trodde att detta skulle vara ett bra sätt att också öva det svenska jag har studerat. Jag är ledsen för några misstag! Idag var en vacker varm dag i Appalacian bergen. Det verkade som om luften skulle släppa blomblad varje minut. Ollie hoppade runt på gården och gosade fram till stängslet bredvid två duvor som lägger i solen. Det var en mycket vacker dag. Allt verkade indränkt i lavendel.

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  1. How romantic ! And the quilt on your bed is do lovely. I agree , a house full of cats and rabbits found perfect .


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