Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter Days

Winter here has been so lovely. The days are quiet and peaceful and with the job I currently have, I have been able to spend many days at home. I love winter to my core. With a mind that is always so distracted, it is so peaceful to me to see the bareness of things. To see the spirit of the trees and bushes around my home and then slowly await the arrival of their fancy summer decoratives.  Much of my most meaningful time with nature was spent outside, just waiting for the snow to fall. When it piled up quite high, I would spend hours trying to practice walking on top of the snow. I was convinced that if I concentrated “just right” that I would be as light as a feather, my feet would not penetrate the snow and that I would walk right on top of it without so much as a crunch.  Sure enough, sometimes it would work. Let’s just forget about the fact that I probably weighed 50 lbs. at the time and that there was probably a sheet of ice on top of the snow... I did it. And it was one of the most magical experiences of my life. I believe this is when I started to figure out that if you manifest something for yourself it can truly happen. I believe this is a lot of what magic is all about.

Thank you winter! And although I don’t think you are quite finished yet... when it is your time, I will happily watch you as you gracefully blow out with the new growth of the daffodils.

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